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A Simple Path

I was born into a Christian family and from a very young age went to children’s meetings in the local church in Spokane, Washington. Just as I finished Junior High School my family moved to the small town of Pullman, Washington, where everything was new and different. From a young age, I had always believed that there was God out there, but He was not very real to me. The things that occupied my life were sports, school, and just hanging out with my friends.

Just before I began my first semester at Washington State University, I was invited to go to a training conference to be given by Witness Lee in Anaheim, California. I decided to go but what I found was not what I expected. There were about three thousand Christians from numerous local churches around the world gathered together to hear about Christ in the book of Job. During this time I met some other young students who had a real love for the Lord Jesus. This was the first time that I had been helped to get into the Bible in such a detailed way and also the first time that I read an entire book of the Bible. Witness Lee's ministry helped me to know God in a deeper and more personal way. For the next five years of my college life, I went to attend such Bible trainings with those that loved the Lord Jesus and desired the truth in His Word. Through such times of meeting with believers who desire earnestly and pursue whole-heartedly the Lord Jesus, my life in Christ has grown immensely.

To Know Him

There is a verse in the Bible that says that we can know Christ. To “know Him” (Phil. 3:10) is something that is so mysterious and complicated, yet at the same time something that can be so real and simple. Through the ministry of Witness Lee I have been helped to know and appreciate Christ.

One of the best ways to know this mysterious Person is to read His written Word, the Bible. As I was growing up I heard many things about God, Jesus Christ, but when the words that people spoke to me about God were not anchored in His Word, there was not much impact on my thoughts or way of life. Near the end of my high school years and beginning of college, I began to read the Bible. I felt that the more I read, the more I came to know Christ, but that there was still much that I didn’t see.

I was helped to understand what was revealed in the Bible by reading books and hearing messages of Witness Lee. By far, I received the most spiritual help and revelation through his ministry. His ministry has brought me deeper into the experience of Christ. Without the help of such a man, whose life and living were absolutely for Christ, I don’t believe I could be where I am today. In a very real sense, Witness Lee was like my spiritual father. Through his diligent study, absoluteness to the Bible, and his faithfulness to Christ in God, Witness Lee mined out the unsearchable riches of Christ in the Bible. His ministry was just his sharing Christ as this wonderful and marvelous Person. By his words and actions, Witness Lee sought to enjoy and magnify the One whom he loved and the One whom he desired all others to know and love. Witness Lee was a living pattern and example of how to know, experience, and enjoy Christ.


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