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Lord, Thank You

I love Jesus!!!!!! O Lord, I love You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In case you canít tell Iím a Christian. I was born into a Christian family about 17 years ago and was saved and baptized when I was about five years old. I remember being told that by getting baptized I would be putting ďboth feetĒ into Godís kingdom. That sounded good to me so I chose to be baptized. That initial little step didnít have too much affect on me until just before 7th grade.

I always knew in the back of my mind that I had received the Lord into my being, and that I loved Him for all He had done, but none of that really ďclickedĒ inside me until I went to a summer school of the Truth held for young people in the local church. At that school, we got into the matter of Godís complete salvation. I started hearing things I had never heard before and the Bible was really opened up to me in a real and living way. It was no longer a big, threatening book I knew I should read, but it was the real and living speaking of God! Also at that camp I believe I touched my spirit for the first time. We were all singing and shouting out lines from the songs and I suddenly felt something that Iíd never felt before. It was like an amazing, indescribable inward joy, and I knew then that God was a real and living person and that He was living inside of me!

Since then I have always had a greater love for the Lord, and a continual desire to constantly pursue Him. I love singing Hymns to and about Him, and I really love my Bible. However, since then it hasnít been one big happy ride either. There have been numerous times when I have felt down, and that I just couldnít go on and pursue Him any more. When I canít get out of it by myself Iíve found that getting together with others to share about the riches of Christ or to go to a meeting of the church helps one to get infused with God and get back on track.

I love the Lord Jesus and I love His Word. I thank the Lord so much for placing me in a family in the local church where I have had access to such a rich ministry of the riches of Christ.

M. H.

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